AAJA Philly chapter board updates

Our chapter board is changing: Juliana Reyes is moving from treasurer to president for the rest of 2021. In her place, Yowei Shaw will become treasurer. Both are former chapter presidents and so this transition should be fairly seamless. The reason for this change is that unfortunately – and coincidentally – current president Tim Tai, as well as board members Hannah Chinn, Jess Bond and Bethany Ao, are all moving/have recently moved out of the Philly area.

This means that we are seeking one or more chapter members who would be willing to immediately step into a board role for the rest of 2021. We need at least one person to serve as board secretary, which just involves taking notes during our (infrequent) board meetings and otherwise generally helping plan chapter programs and events. It’s not a huge or complex time commitment! If you are interested, please email Tim or Juliana as soon as you can (philadelphia@aaja.org). We’ll help make sure you’re up to speed. No prior experience necessary – the only requirement is that you are a full, dues-paying AAJA member.

Also, we will hold the election for the 2022 chapter board in mid- or late October. Exact dates TBD. If you are interested in serving on the board, or even just a little curious about what that entails, again, please reach out to Tim, Juliana or Yowei (cc’d here). Seriously, no experience necessary – as long as you’re an AAJA member and enthusiastic about AAPIs in journalism, you’re qualified! We’ll train you on all the logistical stuff (there’s not a lot) and AAJA National also offers support. The time commitment is on average a few hours a month for 12 months (Jan.-Dec.) to help plan events and programming, administer scholarships, and occasionally talk with local news leaders about issues affecting AAPIs in newsrooms and news coverage. Our chapter has a lot of resources and a ton of potential!