Deadline July 25: Apply to go to AAJA Fest for free

In case you hadn’t heard, AAJA’s annual convention is going virtual this year, and we want to help YOU attend! for free!! read on…

AAJA Fest is structured slightly differently this summer: it runs from August 9-15, with most sessions scheduled between 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. EDT. The festival bundle (registration plus a year-long membership) costs are tiered, with $70 for students, $150 for media workers experiencing financial hardship, and $225 for other professionals.

The hope is that this will be way more affordable/accessible than any conference before, but our Philly board understands that financial need might still be a barrier to entry — so we’re also providing the annual John Curley Scholarship, which will fully cover the expenses of recipients’ AAJA Fest registration this year. Tt’s offered through the generosity of our generous longtime donor John Curley, former president, chairman and CEO of the Gannett company.

The scholarship application form can be found here; we’re asking for your name and contact info, a sample of work you’ve done recently, a story about what went into that work and a brief explanation of why you want to attend AAJA Fest this year. More information about the scholarship is in the form!

It’s also open to all Philly-area journalists who want to attend AAJA Fest, regardless of whether they’re current members of AAJA, so tell your friends to apply.

All applications must be received by 11:59 p.m. EDT on Saturday, July 25, 2020.

From AAJA Philly board member Hannah Chinn:

a personal plug: i HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND APPLYING AND/OR REGISTERING. going to the national conference last year was an incredible experience for me; i met so many new friends and found a community of AAPI journalists that was better and stronger than i could have dreamed. i’m sad it’s not happening in person, obviously, but hey — 2020 brings new opportunities, including my newfound ability to photoshop fun zoom backgrounds for every workshop i participate in.

If you have questions, please email Despite the challenges that this year has brought, we really want to help you take advantage of the AAJA Fest programming!