Reminder: AAJA Philly Will Have Elections This Fall

Reminder: The AAJA-Philadelphia chapter will have elections this fall!
Board positions will be two-year terms — from Jan. 1, 2012, to Dec. 31, 2013.
We encourage anyone who is interested to apply. The chapter board wants new ideas, youthful energy and enthusiasm! We want YOU!

If you are interested, please submit your name and desired position to Murali Balaji, our former chapter president and current board adviser, who will be coordinating the elections and serving as our third-party elections monitor. His e-mail is Deadline to submit your name: Sept. 30.

Around Oct. 15, we will send an e-mail out announcing who is running for what position. (Uncontested positions will have the name of the person only; positions with two or more candidates will include the person’s name and a brief description about the person.)
The deadline for voting will be Oct. 25. Murali will tally the votes and will announce the winners by Oct. 29.

To run for a mandatory board position (President, National Advisory Board Representative, Treasurer, Secretary), you need to be a paid AAJA-Philly full member (as opposed to a student/associate member) in 2011, with intentions to renew your membership next year (and the year after). There is no minimum time period for you to have been a member to run for a position.

To run for one of the three optional board positions (Social Media Director, Fundraising Director, Student Outreach Coordinator), you can be a full/associate/student member.

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