Member Spotlight: Cathy Li, Anna Chennault Scholarship Winner

Check out AAJA Philly member Cathy Li’s essay, “A constitutional right to free speech, but no right to a job in press,” which helped earn her the coveted Anna Chennault Scholarship and a trip to this year’s AAJA National Convention. As a freshman at Columbia University, Cathy is pursuing degrees in Anthropology and Economics, with an eye towards international journalism post college. When asked about her Juan Williams position essay, Cathy says, “The piece took a lot of research, but in the end I just wrote what made sense.”  Read it here.

About the Anna Chennault Scholarship:
AAJA National is proud to announce the Anna Chennault Scholarship which offers one graduating high school student to be the recipient of a scholarship that includes an all-expenses paid trip to AAJA National Convention. Anna Chennault is a writer, lecturer, international business executive, and Chairman of the Council for International Cooperation (CIC). A graduate of Lingnan University in Hong Kong, Chennault holds six honorary Doctorate degrees in the fields of Law, Humanities, and Business Administration. Her illustrious journalism career began in the 1940’s serving as a war correspondent for the Central News Agency and eventually as a feature writer for the Hsin Ming Daily News in China. Chennault continues to lecture at schools and universities on international affairs. As an author, she has over fifty books published in English and Chinese of which some have been on The New York Times Best Sellers List including “A Thousand Springs” and “The Education of Anna”. More information.

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