Lunar New Year dinner (and membership drive!)

missing us? missing pub trivia night? missing lunar new year festivities or family dinners or just casual hangouts with other journalists? well, you’re in luck! we’re hosting a Lunar New Year dinner and membership drive and we want you to come… here’s the details.

a Lunar New Year celebration (and *~membership drive~*) to bring us into 2021 proper!

when: Friday, Feb 12 at 7 p.m.

how: we’ll grab dinner together*, do some general check-ins, and make a trivia night out of it. we’ll also chat about where AAJA Philly is headed and what we’re all up to this new year! know someone who should join our chapter? bring them along!

where: we’ll be hosting on Zoom, which by now everyone is used to.

*here’s how it’ll work: order yourself food, it’s on us!! we’ll be reimbursing up to $30 of dinner per member — just make sure to save the receipts.

make sure your membership is updated (you can check on that here or apply for support, if $$ is an issue, here)! plus, this is also a great time to recruit a friend who’s new to AAJA!

excited to see you!