AAJA Philly chapter elections

Hey all: It’s time for chapter leadership elections. We have a number of local leadership positions — and you can nominate yourself as a candidate if you are currently a full, dues-paying AAJA member in the Philadelphia chapter (and if you’re not … pssst):

  • President: The president will oversee all activities of the chapter and will act as its chief executive officer.
  • Secretary: The secretary will be responsible for making and maintaining meeting minutes and documentation of other chapter activities.
  • Treasurer: The treasurer will be responsible for all fiscal activities of the chapter.
  • VP of Student Engagement: The vice president of student engagement will build relationships between the chapter and local schools and students to represent the interests of student members.
  • VP of Outreach: The vice president of outreach will build both our membership base and donor base, and increase our chapter’s community involvement.

Each position will be a one-year term. (Bethany Ao is our national advisory board representative, which is a two-year term, so that position will be up for reelection next year.)

If you’d like to run for any position, get involved in any capacity or just have questions about what it entails, please reach out to chapter president Juliana Reyes by Sunday, Oct. 13. We can create as many VP roles as we want (for a few years, we had a VP of Mentorship), so there’s room for everyone who wants to get involved.

We’ll host the election later this month. All current, dues-paying AAJA Philadelphia members will be eligible to vote.