Call for Reporter Pitches by 11/4

AAJA Philadelphia LogoFirst Pitch: A Master Class in Pitching Stories

Come join the Philadelphia chapter of the Asian American Journalists Association (AAJA) for an exciting event with editors from the Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia Daily News, Philadelphia Magazine, and WHYY/ on Saturday, Nov. 9.
“First Pitch” is a show and tell of what goes on behind the scenes between a reporter pitching a story and a prospective editor. Pre-selected reporters will each have 10 minutes to pitch a story to an editor on the panel and receive feedback in front of an audience. This is a chance for reporters to get the ear of the most important editors in local journalism and potentially get stories actually accepted – all while providing a master class in pitching to the audience. There will also be time for impromptu pitches from the audience – and coffee and donuts on-hand for caffeine, sugar, and courage!

When: 1 to 3 p.m., Saturday, Nov. 9
Where: Temple University, in Annenberg Hall, basement, room 3 (on 13th Street, between Norris and Diamond)
Cost: Free
RSVP: By Tuesday, Nov. 5 to
Deadline to Submit a Pitch for the Panel: Monday, Nov. 4

Editors on Pitch Panel:

  • Brian Hickey, Northwest Philadelphia Editor at NewsWorks
  • Brian Howard, News Editor at Philadelphia Magazine
  • David Lee Preston, Assistant City Editor at the Philadelphia Daily News
  • Eugene Sonn, Audio News Director at WHYY FM
  • Sandra Clark, Deputy Managing Editor for Arts, Features & Entertainment at the Philadelphia Inquirer and Editor of

For Interested Pitchers:
We need YOUR pitches. It’s a bit terrifying, but there’s a lot to gain if you’re selected as one of our pitchers. We want a range of experience represented, so don’t feel as though you shouldn’t go for it if you’re relatively experienced or new.

Please include the following information in an email to Yowei Shaw at by Nov. 4. You will hear back on your pitch shortly thereafter. All pitches will be considered and reviewed by AAJA-Philadelphia’s board, but only 5-8 pitches will be selected.

  • Name, email address, cell phone number
  • Which editor would you like to pitch to? (Please note that we will consider your preference, but you might be paired with a different editor.)
  • Give a concise (under 200 words) and elegantly worded description of your story idea. Explain why you think it would interest the outlet’s audience.
  • Describe HOW you will report your story: be sure to include what interviews, scenes, and (for radio, sound) you’ll include (in under 200 words).