Fellowship Lead: June 10 Last Day to Apply for AAJA Professional Training Fellowship

June 10 is the last day to apply for the Asian American Journalists Association Professional Training Fellowship, made possible by the support of the Ford Foundation.

What: Two fellowships will be awarded to members from each AAJA chapter, to journalists who are currently unemployed or underemployed, to get digital journalism, managerial, and entrepreneurial training in order to thrive in today’s shifting media market. Fellowship winners will attend the state-of-the-art training available at the 22nd Annual National Convention from August 10-13 in Detroit, MI. The fellowship will cover convention costs which include: convention registration, airfare, and hotel accommodations.

When: Deadline to apply is June 10

Requirements: All of the following:

    • AAJA member for the current year
    • Affiliated with of one of the 21 AAJA chapters or a member at-large
    • Committed to AAJA’s mission
    • A journalist currently unemployed or underemployed

More: For the fellowship application and more info, go to: http://aaja.org/membership/chapters/ChapterInitiative2011/.